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Happy Mother's Day to all the mommy's, grandma's, and great-grandma's!

Being a Mommy is the most incredible adventure I've ever had the pleasure of partaking in.  It has given me the highest of the highs, and there is nothing like the love you have for your child or children.  There is nothing better than hearing the words "I love you mommy" come from your child, as there is a sincerity and sweetness that only a child can posses.  Nothing can make a bad day better faster than snuggles from your little one, and they can bring a smile to your face, even at 2 in the morning when you are up caring for them.   I was woken up this morning by my daughter running into our room, climbing into bed, giving me a hug and whispering "Happy Mothers Day Mommy.  I love you!".  BEST.WAKEUP.EVER!

Though mine is still young, I know there are so many adventures lying ahead of us!  School, dance performances, soccer games, trips to see the world.  I cannot wait to share it all and experience it all! 

To my mom, though you are half a world away, on an incredible adventure, I am thinking of you and wishing we were closer!  I love you and hope you and dad have an incredible trip!

To all the mommies - you are all amazing, strong courageous women, and your job never stops, and you deserve all the love, pampering, and gratitude in the world. 

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