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Hiya friends!  Boy has it been a while since I've blogged - Covid certainly did a number on keeping me busy and isolated.  I'm finally back and blogging again!  I hope that you are all staying safe, healthy and happy and that we will have an end to this quarantine soon!

I wanted to take a few minutes today to talk about something that I'm passionate about - printing your photos!  Here are my top 5 reasons why you should print photos from your session.

1. Technology, while amazing can fail!  Being from an engineering background, no one loves technology more than me!  Without it, I'd never be able to provide you with the kind of photos I do!  However, if you only load those precious memories onto your computer, and it crashes, or your phone accidentally gets reset during an update, where do your photos go?  Sadly, they will disappear, leaving you with only memories that fade over time.  Some people will backup their photos to a cloud storage device, which is great!  But that storage company may not be around forever, and if you forget where you stored them, they'll still be lost.  Printing will never get deleted, never forgotten about, and is beautiful to boot!

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2.  Photos and wall decor make the perfect decoration for your home!  What could be better than hanging memories of your family in your home?  Nothing makes me smile more than walking around my home and seeing the multitude of photos of my family all around.   Plus there have been many studies that show kids who have photos of their families on their walls are happier and feel more loved! Pick your favorite images, print them on a canvas, and create a stunning showcase for your home!

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3.  You're not actually looking at them on your computer or phone!  How often do you go on your computer and look at photos?  Or how many random photos are on your phone?  Chances are, the photos you wanted (and paid for!) get lost amongst the thousands of others we have on our phones.  You planned your session for months, got the perfect outfits together for your family, your kids gave their best smiles, and you laughed your session away!  The best way to remember this is by printing your photos.

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4. High quality albums and prints will last for generations!  While earlier in our lives, along with our parents and grandparents had to wait to have their images developed, they didn't have the same archival paper and canvas that is available today. Albums, in particular have come such a long way.  Most are printed on paper that is guaranteed to stay the same quality for at least 100 years - ensuring that your kids, and their kids (and their kids!) still have beautiful memories of yours to hold onto.  

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5. Your children (and their children!) will appreciate having photos passed down through the generations.  I am always grateful that we have digital images now a days, but to me nothing will ever replace the sentimentality of flipping through one of the many photo albums (yes, even old school ones that are in those plastic storage 3-hole albums) my parents have stored in their home.  Their lives (and now, ours) are told through those albums and nothing is like looking at memories through an actual photo.  Please, please do the same for your kiddos! 

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I hope this little post helps you to see how wonderful printing your photos can be!  And if you'd like to schedule a session to create your own gorgeous photos to print, please get in touch!


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