Orange County Family Photographer - The Importance of Light

May 30, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

Happy Saturday (the last in May)!  How in the world did spring pass by so fast?  I miss photographing all my wonderful clients and am so excited that June looks like it'll be the time! 

One of the questions I get asked quite often is why are your sessions held in the evening?  To answer that, I'd like to talk a little about light in today's blog.  Have you ever stopped to take notice of how the light changes throughout the day?  In the morning, everything is soft, often covered with dew (except during summer of course!), and the first rays of light are low in the sky, creating long shadows that tease the start of the new day. From there, the light gets brighter and brighter, until it gets soft, glow-y, and beautiful, then sets and gets dark. 

My sessions take place during the soft light period, affectionately referred to as the "golden hour" because the light is so beautiful.  It is soft, warm, golden, and oh-so flattering, and makes for the most incredible back-lit photos.  It's also the most flattering light for skin, softening it and minimizing wrinkles and dark circles.

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See that beautiful "halo" of light that outlines her hair?  That can only be found during the golden hour.

Photographing earlier in the day, while it can produce beautiful photos, will give a harsher look to your images, which is not consistent with the images I strive to deliver to my clients.  Photographing in even shade can minimize this, but again will not product the same glowing results as photographing in the golden hour. And, if you are photographed in bright sun, it will add dark "racoon eyes" to your photos which is something that is never desirable!

As an Orange County family and child photographer, my goal is to give you the most amazing, glowing photos I can.  I know that for some families, photographing in the early evening can be a challenge with naps and sleep schedules.  For this I'd recommend photographing during late fall through early spring, when the sun sets early and kiddos can still be in bed for their normal bedtimes.  Being a mom myself, I can understand the importance of kids getting their sleep!  I will work with you to schedule your session during the time of year that is the most convenient for your family, while still giving your the gorgeous photos that you want!

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If you would like to schedule your own Orange County family or child photography session, I would love to chat with you!


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