Orange County Family & Child Photographer | What you see vs. what I see!

August 27, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

Happy hot Friday everyone!  Hope you are all keeping cool today in this crazy heat! Today I have a fun blog post to share, which is what you see versus what I see.  I always get people asking me "how do you find such incredible locations?".  And while some of the places I photograph are indeed, spectacular, you would be amazed at how many ordinary locations can look extraordinary when you photograph them the right way!  This also shows the difference between your camera phone (these were all taken on a new iphone) and high quality professional camera, along with editing.  As an Orange County Family and Child Photographer, I feel like I drive though life with my head on a swivel, looking for places that would look amazing in photos.  So today I'd like to share with you some not so pretty spots, as well as some pretty ones, and you can see that in the finished images, you can't tell the difference between them! 

This first location is pretty, but has these huge, unsightly power lines running over it - not exactly what you want to see in a photo of your child!

But you can see in the finished image, I added a bunch more flowers, and the power lines are now gone!

This second image was actually one my sweet client took (and yes, that's me in the picture!) or the location - it's just patchy grass with a stringy tree behind it.  But the final image is warm, dreamy, and looks like it was in a fantasy forest, with that stringy tree framing her into the picture!


Here I'll show you an example of location that is gorgeous right off the bat - it's a field of flowers.  But what you don't know is that it sits next to a busy freeway (and you can see the power lines above - this seems to be a trend for me!  It just goes to show that you can find spectacular spots everywhere!

This next location is literally on the side of a road - I was driving by, and saw this gorgeous row of roses and knew that I had to shoot there!  And so I did, and you can definitely not see the road in the final images anymore ;-).  It looks like she is in a flower garden!

My next location is just a dirt trail with some random bushes and trees lining it.  Nothing spectacular when you look at it, but we can make it look like a dreamy, exotic location.


My next location is a hill filled with random tall grass plants, which are pretty much dead with a few flowers in them.  But when you photograph it with the light backlighting it, it absolutely glows! 

This next spot is in a park, but isn't somewhere you'd normally think would look good in pictures, as the grass is dead and patchy at that (can you notice I love dried grass!? It looks so dreamy in photographs with a shallow depth of field).

Finally, this is a random trail filled with weeds - but again, with the right photography settings and some creative editing, the weeds look like she is surrounded by a bed of dreamy flowers!

I hope you enjoying this small sampling or turning ordinary (or even ugly) locations that you may think are nothing into something spectacular!  If you would like to make your own magic and schedule an Orange County family photography session, let's chat!  Have a wonderful weekend!


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